Owner Communication

We aspire to create a “culture of communication” and our entire team is standing by to take care of your needs. To avoid confusion as to who you should call, we have a very simple system, regardless of your question or need:

To reach us by phone, please dial 503-224-3002. From here you can use our dial by name directory to reach a specific team member, or if you are unsure of who you need to speak with, you can choose to be routed to our front office, and one of our customer support team members can route you properly.

To reach us by email, send us an email at owner@realpmsolutions.com. Your email will be routed to the appropriate person who will receive your message and respond accordingly.

Our job as your Agent is to be your representative when it comes to communication with your renter. This provides several functions for you as the owner:

         It avoids a renter that may interpret your communication(s) as further contractual obligations that may cause you to incur legal liability.

         It provides a medium between owner and tenant so that any potential for ambiguity can be avoided in disagreements

         It keeps the documented communication between the tenant and Real Property Management Solutions clear and unarguable if ever faced with a dispute.

         It provides anonymity for you so that a tenant is not knocking on your door or calling you directly regarding late night repairs or lost keys.

We are here as your Agent to provide the credibility and professionalism needed to hold a tenant to specific standards in order to increase your rental investment value. If there is anything you wish to communicate to a tenant, we are happy to work with you to relay information whenever necessary.

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