Resident Manual

Welcome to Real Property Management Solutions

We would like to personally thank you for renting from Real Property Management Solutions.
We are a locally owned and operated residential property management company that specializes in managing rental properties. We look forward to servicing you as your property manager during your tenancy.
Contacting Our Office
There are several ways to contact our office. If you have an emergency maintenance need, please call our maintenance hotline at (503) 224 -3002. This line is available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. All non-emergency maintenance needs should be submitted online via your Tenant Portal.
For all other needs, please call our office directly at (503) 224-3002, contact us through your tenant portal, or e-mail us at
Our Office Hours
Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. If you reach our voicemail system, please leave a detailed message providing your name, property address, best contact number, and the reason for the call. 
Website Address -
Technology Services
Our online services provide residents with access to their personal tenant portal and our rental reward program:
Tenant Portal
One of the greatest benefits we offer our residents is the Tenant Portal. The Tenant Portal provides you with access to information and services for your rental property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive an e-mail from “” with a link to your portal and login information. This service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Access for Online payments
  • Resident Accounting Ledger
  • Maintenance/Repair reporting
  • Online Lease Renewals
  • Mobile App for your convenience –

Please check your SPAM/JUNK mail if you do not see it within 24-48 hours of signing your lease or give us a call and we would be happy to make sure that you get access. The Tenant Portal allows you to review your account, view charges, pay rent and other bills, request non-emergency maintenance, and communicate with us using the conversations tool.
Resident Rental Rewards
As a Resident of Real Property Management Solutions, you are automatically enrolled in our rental rewards program. This program provides discounts for restaurants, retail shopping, and services, including but not limited to:

  • Office Depot
  • Express
  • Cinnabon
  • Carls Jr
  • Papa Murphys
  • Big 5
  • Red Lobster
  • Olive Garden
  • Jamba Juice
  • Men’s Warehouse
  • Gymboree
  • Olive Garden
  • Laserport Laser Tag
  • And many more…

Resident Rental Rewards also provides a mobile app for your discount convenience. When you are out eating or shopping, don’t forget to check your rental rewards mobile app for the latest savings. If you would like further details, please contact our office.
Information Change Request
Contact our office to report a change in your personal contact information. Once we verify your information we will make those changes within our system.
Real Property Management Solutions uses an easy-to-understand lease that was prepared with you in mind. Please be sure that you read it carefully to ensure you understand everything in the document. Keep in mind that it is a binding, legal contract. If you have questions about some of the provisions, you are encouraged to have it reviewed by an attorney prior to signing it.
Lease Transfers
Occasionally, rental agreements will be transferred to us by an Owner. When this occurs, Real Property Management Solutions honors all policies within written agreements and the addenda attached to the property involved. Unless specified otherwise, a transfer means simply that: a transfer of the terms originally agreed to in the original lease agreement with the owner or previous property manager are now transferred to us as your new property management company.
It is important to note the dates on your lease – when your lease begins and when it ends. Your lease only ends when you have completed your contract term, given proper written notice per the laws in your state, and when you have returned the keys to the Real Property Management Solutions office. Review your renewal process to verify your lease anniversary or end date.
There is a final move-out condition evaluation report completed after you vacate to ensure that you left the premises in as good a condition as it was when your lease began and that the home is in rent-ready condition.
If you plan to vacate the property before the end of your lease, please be aware of the lease expiration date because you are responsible and will be held liable for a lease-break fee.
When the Rent is Due
Your rent is due in the Real Property Management Solutions office by the close of business on the date stated in your lease.

Call the Real Property Management Solutions office immediately if you will not be able to meet this commitment.  Additionally, please review your lease for any repercussions that may result from paying your rent late and the acceptable form of late payment.
Security Deposits
Security deposits are not intended to be used as last month’s rent. If you fail to pay rent with your written intent to vacate notice, you may be subject to collection efforts. If you paid a security deposit, it will be refunded to you subject to ORS 90.300. If repairs are required or if you otherwise owe money to Real Property Management Solutions, these amounts will be deducted from your security deposit prior to any refund. You will be paid within the timeframe required by your state law, and you can expect a statement of any withholdings made from your security deposit. Upon vacating the property, the following is a list of items that can potentially qualify as deductions from your security deposit:

  • Professional cleaning:
    • If it was completed by the owner or previous tenant prior to your move-in
  • Floors:
    • Carpet cleaning if it was completed prior to your move-in
    • Spot and/or area carpet cleaning as needed
    • Buffing or polish of wood floor as needed
  • Landscape:
    • Must be in the same condition as move-in
    • Repair or replacement of plants due to lack of maintenance by tenant
  • Repairs beyond normal wear and tear*, including but not limited to:
    • Dented or stained window coverings
    • Nails left in walls
    • Patching needed from nail holes
    • Paint touch-ups from patching or markings during tenancy.
  • Garbage:
    • Excess or oversized items left on the property after move-out. This means anything that does not fit inside the garbage bin WITH A CLOSED LID. “Trash-outs” ordered to remove excess garbage are very expensive, and garbage companies will charge excess garbage fees for anything that does not fit in the garbage bin with a closed lid.
  • Utilities:
    • Any utilities invoiced for usage during tenancy
  • Missing Items:
    • Any missing items that existed on the property at move-in, including but not limited to padlocks, keys, garage door openers, remotes and light bulbs

*Please refer to the Normal Wear and Tear document for more information. What you can do to assist in avoiding NON-normal wear and tear issues:
1 – BEFORE YOU MOVE IN: Complete the Move-in/Move-out Checklist provided to you before tenancy
2 – BEFORE YOU MOVE IN: Take photos as necessary and provide them to our office. Please note: Photos taken AFTER move in will not have the same credibility. Send them in BEFORE move-in
3 – DURING TENANCY: Report all repair and maintenance issues as they occur. Don’t wait until you give notice to vacate.
4 – UPON VACATING: Go through the Move-in/Move-out Checklist. Clean, repair, and address all issues BEFORE the exit walkthrough.
Before Hammering a Nail
One nail can cost hundreds of dollars to repair upon move-out: Removing nails, patching nail holes, repair to damaged sheetrock, and painting requires time and materials for even just one nail. There are ways to prevent this cost that could ultimately be deducted from your security deposit:

  1. Use alternative methods for hanging pictures such as nail-less picture hangers


  1. Confirm that the original paint is available for touchup as needed


  1. Be prepared to paint an entire wall if the touchup paint does not match the existing paint:


  1. Sometimes older paint or newly purchased paint – even if it is the exact color code – will not match the existing paint on a wall. If the touchup doesn’t match, the materials and time spent to put the property back to the same condition upon your move-in will be deducted from your security deposit unless you take the time to do this yourself upon move-out.

How to Make Changes to Your Lease
Your Lease Agreement is a legal, binding document. There are a few instances, however, in which it may be amended if all parties to the contract agree. Contact your Real Property Management Solutions office immediately if you want to make any changes to your lease. Examples include:

  1. Changes or additions regarding residents
  2. Changes regarding pets
  3. A need to terminate your Lease Agreement early or exceed your lease agreement

We understand that each situation is different. However, some changes may be governed by state or local laws, so please discuss your situation or concern with your Real Property Management Solutions office. Please note that fees may be charged for any changes you request.
Adding Residents
If you wish to add a resident to your lease, please contact the Real Property Management Solutions office to discuss the situation. We must approve any additional resident(s) on the lease as well as conduct background checks.
There is no exception to this policy. In addition to keeping the residents of Real Property Management Solutions safe, our company is bound by local and state regulations, as well as by federal Fair Housing Laws and mandates to maintain a safe, secure environment for our residents.
Your lease will specify if you are or are not allowed to have pets. If you are allowed to have pets in the home, there may be some restrictions as to the type, breed, and size of animal. Any pets not specified in the Lease Agreement are not allowed on the property. Any future animals need to be approved in writing BEFORE they can reside at the property. If you are authorized to have a Service Animal, however, we will accommodate you in accordance with the law. Real Property Management Solutions requires proper documentation for any therapy or service animal that occupies the property. You are required to provide this documentation upon request. Pets may require additional fees and/or rent and proof of renters and/or pet liability insurance. After move-out, along with any tenant responsible costs for repairs, you will be responsible if any fleas are discovered at the property. If you are concerned this may occur, we ask that you contact a Pest Control company to have the property treated prior to the move-out evaluation.
If your mailbox is managed by the United States Postal Service, Real Property Management Solutions does not provide keys or services for the box where applicable. Real Property Management Solutions will provide a box number, if we know it. There are many circumstances (especially in the case of investor owned property) in which Real Property Management Solutions will not have a box number. You are responsible to arrange with USPS for postal service to your assigned box. The resident is responsible for all fees or deposits required to establish mail service. If you will receive mail at a location other than the property (i.e. a PO Box), you must notify Real Property Management Solutions in writing of your correct mailing address.
Real Property Management Solutions will guarantee a single family home in pest free condition for the first 30 days of your tenancy. Regular maintenance of the home in a pest free condition is the responsibility of the Resident.  Please contact your Real Property Management Solutions office if you have concerns about a specific situation.
Your lease will have a provision stating whether or not smoking is permitted on your premises. If smoking is not permitted on the premises, you will be responsible for all costs associated with removing all smoke odor, stains or discoloration at the property. Depending on the extent of damage, this may include but not limit new paint, new window coverings, and/or new flooring.
There is a fine line between when guests become residents. Your lease will state the maximum length of stay permissible by a guest. Our intent is not to restrict having visitors, but to help us keep track of the number of people who are residing at the property. In many areas, there are limits placed on the number of occupants a property may legally house by applicable fire, safety, and health regulations. Real Property Management Solutions follows a “two-person per bedroom, plus one” policy. In other words, a two bedroom property would have a maximum occupancy of five people: two people per bedroom = 4 plus one.
Your responsibilities regarding utilities are written in your lease. In most cases, you will be responsible for all costs associated with putting all utilities in your name prior to occupying the home. Some states require a deposit or connection/set-up fee you will incur to obtain service.  If you have not received instructions regarding utility set-up, notify our office immediately so that we can forward that information to you.
Municipal Services: Water/Sewer/Trash
Water, sewer, and trash services are handled by a number of different vendors depending on the specific location of the property. If your lease agreement states that you are responsible for Water/Sewer/Trash or any portion of these bills, you may receive the bill through Real Property Management Solutions (unless otherwise stated in your lease). If you are unsure of who your service provider is, whether you can hold the account in your name, or if you should be paying Real Property Management Solutions for water, sewer, and trash services, please consult your Real Property Management Solutions office.
Yard Maintenance/Landscaping
Your lease will specify if you are responsible for yard cleanup and landscape maintenance of your property. Regardless of responsibility for landscape maintenance, the resident is responsible to ensure that the yard is free of debris and being watered within the watering guidelines for the municipality . Please report any malfunction of sprinkler systems to Real Property Management Solutions. If there are no sprinklers, the resident is responsible to ensure that the landscaping receives sufficient water.
Real Property Management Solutions has an Emergency Maintenance Hotline (503) 224-3002 that can be reached 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. All EMERGENCY maintenance should be called into the Hotline.
Non-emergency work may be requested through your resident portal. E-mails, text messages, voice mails, or notes are not as effective as phone calls unless the law requires otherwise. Phone calls go directly into our maintenance queue for prioritization, approval, and proper scheduling. If the requested maintenance is deemed to be an emergency, we will be paged.
Emergency issues that would be addressed outside of normal business hours and are excluded from written notification include the following:

  • Life Threatening or Illegal Activity (call 911 before reporting to Agent)
  • Electrical Sparks/smoke or Fire (call 911 before reporting to Agent)
  • Fallen trees causing injury or damage that prohibits occupation of Premises (call 911 before reporting to Agent)
  • Downed power lines on property (call 911 before reporting to Agent)
  • Natural Gas leak (Move outside of property before reporting to Agent)
  • Flooding, sewer backup, or burst pipe (Be prepared to follow instructions to turn off main water valve)
  • No water and/or No electricity
  • No heat – if exterior temperature is below 50 degrees
  • If property has an A/C unit installed: No air conditioning if temperature is above 90 degrees
  • Non-working toilet when there is only one toilet on Premises; Running toilet or continuous water leak
  • Broken or damaged locks, doors, or windows on main level of Premises that allow unapproved access

If the maintenance request is not an emergency, Real Property Management Solutions coordinates approval and funding with the Owner to ensure that the problem is addressed properly.
Real Property Management Solutions often uses contractors who are insured and licensed (when required) to perform maintenance services. All contractors are regularly monitored to ensure that quality and timeliness standards are met or exceeded. If the maintenance item is found to be due to a resident’s negligence or willful act, the resident(s) will be invoiced for the repair, replacement, or damage.
Property Evaluations
Real Property Management Solutions conducts three (3) types of evaluations. These evaluations are not meant to discover all maintenance issues, nor are they meant to be an invasion of privacy. Instead, these evaluations are designed to ensure that the home is in good condition and to address concerns that you may have. You can expect advance notification of the timing of any evaluation in accordance with the law. These property evaluations include:
I nitial Evaluation – Move In Checklist
Real Property Management Solutions will provide you with a condition report for your property, i.e., the Move-In/Move-Out Checklist. You should conduct your own evaluation when you move into the premises to make sure that the condition of the home is reported accurately. The results of your evaluation will be used at the end of your lease term to help determine any responsibility that should be covered by your security deposit. Real Property Management Solutions may rely on photographs and/or video documentation of the condition when determining security deposit responsibility. If video is available, it may be purchased from Real Property Management Solutions.
Periodic Reviews - Routine Property Reviews, Exterior Inspections, and Seasonal Services
Periodic evaluations are conducted to ensure several things, such as determining that the basic systems in your home are in good working order. A periodic evaluation is a wonderful opportunity for you to identify any maintenance concerns you may have. Please realize that maintaining the quality of the home you occupy is one of our obligations to the Owner of the home. Most often, periodic evaluations will be conducted by maintenance personnel who will be looking for leaks, malfunctions, checking furnace filters, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc. Typically, evaluations are completed within 30 minutes, but the actual time may vary depending on the condition of the home, the square footage of the home, and the applicable features that are being evaluated.
Please be assured that you will be notified in advance of any periodic review that involves the interior or private exterior areas of the property in accordance with the law. Real Property Management Solutions may take pictures to document the condition of the premises.
Final Evaluation – Move Out Checklist
This evaluation is performed after you have moved out of the premises. It will be quite in-depth. As discussed here and in your Lease Agreement, the premises are expected to be cleaned and any damage(s) should be repaired to the level required in your Lease. Real Property Management Solutions requires owners to provide cleaning, chimney sweeping, filter replacements, etc before a tenant moves in, and in turn, we require that all residents leave a property as the owner provided it to them.
Breaking the Rules
Your Real Property Management Solutions office has been hired by the property Owner to make sure that his or her property is rented and maintained. Part of the Owner’s expectation is that all applicable rules, agreements, and laws are followed. The typical process that your Real Property Management Solutions office will take if it appears that you have violated a condition of the lease or a local ordinance is as follows:

  1. We will attempt to contact you to confirm that a situation or violation exists.
  2. If the situation or violation is confirmed, the office will at a minimum make a note of it in the property records. The office will confirm your conversation in writing.
  3. If the matter is a major incident, the office may have no choice but to follow the legal process as appropriate in accordance with the law or other regulations.

Real Property Management Solutions is obligated to follow-up all reported lease violations and non-compliance issues with no exceptions.
Common Interest Community or Home Owners Associations
If you are renting a property in a CIC or HOA governed community, you are required to abide by the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Rules and Regulations (R&Rs).  It is your responsibility to be proactive in understanding the restrictions and guidelines within the community. CIC and HOA rules are strictly enforced and may result in fines if ignored or mistreated.
Complaints and Compliments
Your Real Property Management Solutions Office is a part of a franchise system, but is locally and independently owned and operated. We are a service-oriented business. We want your residency to be as enjoyable as possible, but we understand that sometimes complaints (or compliments) are inevitable. Please give us the opportunity to address any issues prior to making formal complaints. We prefer to go the extra mile to solve any problem than to have you upset or go away angry in any way. While complaints are never fun to receive; we honestly believe that hearing them is the only way we can accept responsibility, resolve the situation, and work to make the systemic changes to prevent a reoccurrence. Likewise, we sincerely appreciate it when you recognize that a Real Property Management Solutions employee has gone the extra mile for you. Please feel free to notify us of what we did right for you.
How Complaints are Resolved
Please call or email your Real Property Management Solutions office with any concern. Your feedback is used to improve our communications and processes. If your concern is a complaint, here is how we will resolve it:

  1. We will do our best to clearly understand the situation from your perspective.
  2. We may need some time to look into the issue and we’ll make a commitment to respond with a status update within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. When we respond, we’ll either resolve the issue to your satisfaction, ask what you’d like us to do to resolve the issue, or provide options as to how the issue can be resolved.
  4. We’ll then do our best to resolve the situation in a timely manner.

We resolve the majority of complaints this way. Be assured that we are committed to working honestly and reasonably with you to achieve our mutual goal of providing a great resident experience.
M oving Out
When terminating or fulfilling your lease, there are a few requirements:

  1. Notify your Real Property Management Solutions office in writing 30-60 days in advance if you do not intend to renew your lease. In accordance with the Owner’s instructions, we will be working on leasing your property to a new resident if you have not confirmed your intent to renew your lease. We appreciate your cooperation in re-leasing the property and providing reasonable access for showings.
  2. Your Security Deposit IS NOT LAST MONTH RENT. All sums are due and payable in accordance with the terms of your rental lease agreement. Failure to pay rent or other amounts due on time may result in late fees, service of legal notice, and other penalties.
  3. The unit should be cleaned as required by your Lease Agreement and all damage must be adequately repaired. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to schedule your repairs. When you vacate, the property must be in the same condition as when you moved in. If not, the expense for time and materials will be deducted from your security deposit.
  4. Move out is at 11:00 A.M. on the day your lease terminates.
  5. Keys must be returned to the Real Property Management Solutions’ office by 1pm on day of move-out.
  6. Any outstanding monies owed must be settled immediately or collection fees may be assessed.
  7. Verify all utilities are in order prior to date of move-out. Real Property Management Solutions will be conducting a thorough move-out evaluation. If the move-out evaluation cannot be completed due to utilities being turned off, you may incur expenses for reconnection and trip charges to complete the move-out evaluation.
  8. If you vacate and damages exceed your security deposit, you will be responsible for any additional costs/damages. Real Property Management Solutions will invoice you at your forwarding address should this be necessary.


Schedule of Fees and Service Charges
Listed below for your reference are other fees and service charges that may be applied to your ledger over the course of your tenancy:
Application Fee  (collected at application submission)                                                   $50.00
Initial Administrative Processing Fee (collected at Hold Agreement)                            $50.00
Technology Service Charge                                                                                       $10.00 per month
     This service includes but is not limited to:

  • Tenant Portal
  • Resident Rental Rewards

Rental Payment Processing by Check                                                                      $15.00
Lease Modification (price is determined upon complexity of request)                       Minimum of $150
Transition Service Charge for Adding or Subtracting a tenant                                  $50.00
Lease Break Fee                                                                                                        1+½ Month’s Rent
Non-Sufficient Funds Check                                                                                      $35.00
Late Fees (rent is due on the 1 st of each month and late on the 5 th, late fees are charged on the 6 th day)       $75.00
Late Fees (each day after the 6 th of the month that rent is not paid)                         $4.50 per day
Rapid Deposit Refund (within 5 business days) Must be requested in Notice -       7% of deposit
Rapid Deposit Refund (within 2 business days) to Vacate                                        10% of deposit
Rental Verification Forms – paper copy                                                                     $50.00 per request
Rental Ledger – paper copy                                                                                       $35.00 per request
Copy of utility invoices (scanned through portal)                                                       $5.00 per invoice
Copy of utility invoices (via US Postal service)                                                          $8.00 per invoice
Entry to home or garage because of lost keys or lock-out                                        $150.00
     Note that lost keys will also result in a Lock Change
Lock Change                                                                                                               $120.00
Single Key Replacement                                                                                            $30.00
Failure to Return keys upon termination/end of Lease                                              $120.00
     This charge will be taken from the Security Deposit
Garage Door Opener Replacement                                                                           $150.00
     Failure to return garage door opener at lease termination will result in this fee taken from the Security Deposit
Removal or Tampering with Fire/CO alarms                                                              $250.00
Non-Compliance Fee                                                                                                  $50.00
Pet Application fee                                                                                                     $175.00
Pet Rent (per month per pet)                                                                                        $35.00
Notices (posting, emailing, hand-delivery, and/or US postal mailing)                       $25.00 per notice
     “Notice” includes but is not limited to:

  • Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Deliver Possession
  • Notice of Noncompliance
  • 24 Hour Notice to Enter – to follow-up Noncompliance

No-Show or Non-admittance for scheduled appointments with tenant                     $75.00
     Appointments that result in not being able to obtain access to the interior of the property include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Routine Property Reviews
  • Showings
  • Appraisals or Inspections

Routine Property Review reschedule (at tenant request)                                         $30.00
Maintenance/Repair reschedule (non-vendor - within 24 hours of appointment)            $30.00
Maintenance or Repair (non-vendor) (If resident responsibility)                                                        $25.00 Trip Charge plus
                                                                                                                                                                                $65.00 per hour + supplies
Agent Emergency Response to property (If resident responsibility)                                    $75.00 + any vendor charges
Common Interest Community (HOA) Hearing Attendance                                        $75.00   per hour
     This fee is charged when Agent must attend a hearing as a result of tenant violation
Common Interest Community (HOA) Fine                                                                 $50.00 + actual fine
Code Violation   (City, County or State)                                                                              $50.00 + actual fine
Neighborhood CC&R Violation                                                                                   $50.00 + actual fine
Failure to transfer Utilities into Resident’s name within the first billing period           $50.00 + any start up fees charged by utility company to reinstate service
Failure to vacate after lease termination deadline                                                     10% of the monthly rental amount per month or $150.00 per month (whichever is greater)
Failure to return all property of Premises upon vacating                                           $10 per day and/or replacement of missing item(s)
Lease Renewal transition to month-to-month without written approval                     $100 per month

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