Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees and Service Charges

Listed below for your reference are other fees and service charges that may be applied to your ledger over the course of your tenancy:  

Application Fee (collected at application submission)     $50.00
Initial Administrative Processing Fee (collected at Hold Agreement)   $50.00
Technology Service Charge        $10.00 per month      
This service includes but is not limited to:
 Tenant Portal
 Resident Rental Rewards
Rental Payment Processing by Check      $15.00
Lease Modification (price is determined upon complexity of request)  Minimum of $150
Transition Service Charge for Adding or Subtracting a tenant   $50.00
Lease Break Fee         1+½ Month’s Rent  
Non-Sufficient Funds Check        $35.00
Late Fees (rent is due on the 1st of each month and late on the 5th, late fees are charged on the 6th day)  $75.00 Late Fees (each day after the 6th of the month that rent is not paid)   $4.50 per day
Rapid Deposit Refund (within 5 business days) Must be requested in Notice - 7% of deposit
Rapid Deposit Refund (within 2 business days) to Vacate    10% of deposit
Rental Verification Forms – paper copy      $50.00 per request
Rental Ledger – paper copy        $35.00 per request
Copy of utility invoices (scanned through portal)     $5.00 per invoice
Copy of utility invoices (via US Postal service)     $8.00 per invoice
Entry to home or garage because of lost keys or lock-out    $150.00      
Note that lost keys will also result in a Lock Change
Lock Change          $120.00
Single Key Replacement        $30.00
Failure to Return keys upon termination/end of Lease    $120.00      
This charge will be taken from the Security Deposit
Garage Door Opener Replacement       $150.00      
Failure to return garage door opener at lease termination will result in this fee taken from the Security Deposit
Removal or Tampering with Fire/CO alarms      $250.00
Non-Compliance Fee         $50.00
Pet Application fee         $175.00
Pet Rent (per month per pet)        $35.00 
Notices (posting, emailing, hand-delivery, and/or US postal mailing)  $25.00 per notice    
 “Notice” includes but is not limited to:
 Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Deliver Possession
 Notice of Noncompliance
 24 Hour Notice to Enter – to follow-up
Noncompliance No-Show or Non-admittance for scheduled appointments with tenant  $75.00      
Appointments that result in not being able to obtain access to the interior of the property include, but are not limited to:
 Maintenance and Repair
 Routine Property Reviews
 Showings
 Appraisals or Inspections
Routine Property Review reschedule  (at tenant request)    $30.00  
Maintenance/Repair reschedule (non-vendor - within 24 hours of appointment) $30.00
Maintenance or Repair (non-vendor) (If resident responsibility)    $25.00
Trip Charge plus            $65.00 per hour + supplies
Agent Emergency Response to property (If resident responsibility)    $75.00 + any vendor charges
Common Interest Community (HOA) Hearing Attendance    $75.00   per hour      
This fee is charged when Agent must attend a hearing as a result of tenant violation
Common Interest Community (HOA) Fine      $50.00 + actual fine  
Code Violation (City, County or State)       $50.00 + actual fine
Neighborhood CC&R Violation       $50.00 + actual fine
Failure to transfer Utilities into Resident’s name within the first billing period $50.00 + any start up fees 
charged by utility company to reinstate service

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