Moving Out

When terminating or fulfilling your lease, there are a few requirements:  

1. Notify your Real Property Management Solutions office in writing 30-60 days in advance if you do not intend to renew your lease. In accordance with the Owner’s instructions, we will be working on leasing your property to a new resident if you have not confirmed your intent to renew your lease. We appreciate your cooperation in re-leasing the property and providing reasonable access for showings.

2. Your Security Deposit IS NOT LAST MONTH RENT. All sums are due and payable in accordance with the terms of your rental lease agreement. Failure to pay rent or other amounts due on time may result in late fees, service of legal notice, and other penalties.

3. The unit should be cleaned as required by your Lease Agreement and all damage must be adequately repaired. This includes professional carpet cleaning. A professional business receipt for professional carpet cleaning must be provided to Real Property Management Solutions at the time that you turn in your keys and the service provider must agree to warranty work performed.

4. Move out is at 11:00 A.M. on the day your lease terminates.

5. Keys must be returned to the Real Property Management Solutions’ office by 5pm on day of move-out.

6. Any outstanding monies owed must be settled immediately or collection fees may be assessed.

7. Verify all utilities are in order prior to date of move-out. Real Property Management Solutions will be conducting a thorough move-out evaluation. If the move-out evaluation cannot be completed due to utilities being turned off, you may incur expenses for reconnection and trip charges to complete the move-out evaluation.

8. If you vacate and damages exceed your security deposit, you will be responsible for any additional costs/damages. Real Property Management Solutions will invoice you at your forwarding address should this be necessary. 

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