Pet Policy (1)

Your lease will specify if you are or are not allowed to have pets. If you are allowed to have pets in the home, there may be some restrictions as to the type, breed, and size of animal. Any pets not specified in the Lease Agreement are not allowed on the property. Any future animals need to be approved in writing BEFORE they can reside at the property. If you are authorized to have a Service Animal, however, we will accommodate you in accordance with the law. Real Property Management Solutions requires proper documentation for any therapy or service animal that occupies the property. You are required to provide this documentation upon request. Pets may require additional fees and/or rent and proof of renters and/or pet liability insurance. After moveout, along with any tenant responsible costs for repairs, you will be responsible if any fleas are discovered at the property. If you are concerned this may occur, we ask that you contact a Pest Control company to have the property treated prior to the move-out evaluation.

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