Risk = Potential for Financial Loss

One of the reasons Owners like you have chosen Real Property Management Solutions is to help protect them from financial risk. Maintenance is one of the most common areas of risk exposure. One maintenance risk area is compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. In order to respond intelligently to renter maintenance requests, Real Property Management Solutions stays current on all residential rental real estate and housing laws at the federal, state, county, and municipal level.  We do the research so you do not have to.

It is Real Property Management Solutions’ policy that all legal violations (cited or not yet cited) must be corrected – no exceptions. An Owner may face legal (including criminal) liability if certain repairs are not made. You may choose to initiate repairs using your own licensed and insured contractor(s), provided that the repairs can be completed in a timely and competent manner. Alternately, Real Property Management Solutions can provide vendors at your expense if you prefer.
PLEASE NOTE: By signing a rental agreement, a warranty of habitability is implied and required by law. This means that we are promising that your rental is suitable to live in. Refusing to fund repairs may be grounds for termination of the Client Management Agreement as Real Property Management Solutions must comply with state and federal laws governing Landlord &Tenant:

Emergency Repairs involving LIFE, such as direct or potential injury, fire, flood, or no water must be addressed and corrected immediately.

Essential Repairs involving LIVING, such as no heat during the winter, non-functioning toilet facilities, non-functioning locking hardware, non-functioning stove-top, or no electricity must legally be addressed and corrected within seven (7) days.

Non-Essential Repairs involving COMFORT, such as broken appliances (other than stove-top) and other minor property repair or maintenance (plumbing leaks or landscape as examples) legally must be addressed and corrected within 30 days.
The other maintenance risk area is in performance of repairs or maintenance. Real Property Management Solutions only uses contractors who are licensed when required, certified as necessary, and who carry the proper insurance. Additionally, Real Property Management Solutions gives preference to vendors who have a history of being timely, providing quality repairs, and being safe on the job.

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