Property Evaluations

Property Evaluations

Real Property Management Solutions conducts three (3) types of evaluations. These evaluations are not meant to discover all maintenance issues, nor are they meant to be an invasion of privacy. Instead, these evaluations are designed to ensure that the home is in good condition and to address concerns that you may have. You can expect advance notification of the timing of any evaluation in accordance with the law.

These property evaluations include:
Initial Evaluation – Move In Checklist

Real Property Management Solutions will provide you with a condition report for your property, i.e., the Move-In/Move-Out Checklist. You should conduct your own evaluation when you move into the premises to make sure that the condition of the home is reported accurately. The results of your evaluation will be used at the end of your lease term to help determine any responsibility that should be covered by your security deposit. Real Property Management Solutions may rely on photographs and/or video documentation of the condition when determining security deposit responsibility. If video is available, it may be purchased from Real Property Management Solutions.  

Periodic Reviews - Routine Property Reviews, Exterior Inspections, and Seasonal Services

Periodic evaluations are conducted to ensure several things, such as determining that the basic systems in your home are in good working order. A periodic evaluation is a wonderful opportunity for you to identify any maintenance concerns you may have. Please realize that maintaining the quality of the home you occupy is one of our obligations to the Owner of the home. Most often, periodic evaluations will be conducted by maintenance personnel who will be looking for leaks, malfunctions, checking furnace filters, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc. Typically, evaluations are completed within 30 minutes, but the actual time may vary depending on the condition of the home, the square footage of the home, and the applicable features that are being evaluated.  

Please be assured that you will be notified in advance of any periodic review that involves the interior or private exterior areas of the property in accordance with the law. Real Property Management Solutions may take pictures to document the condition of the premises.  

Final Evaluation – Move Out Checklist

This evaluation is performed after you have moved out of the premises. It will be quite in-depth. As discussed here and in your Lease Agreement, the premises are expected to be cleaned and any damage(s) should be repaired to the level required in your Lease. Real Property Management Solutions requires owners to provide cleaning, chimney sweeping, filter replacements, etc before a tenant moves in, and in turn, we require that all residents leave a property as the owner provided it to them.

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