Investor Report Packet Tips

Tips on reporting:

Cash Flow (10th to 9th)
This report is filtered for the date range of the 10th of the prior month (the day after the last draw) to the 9th of the current month (the date of the current draw) This is the best way to get you a summary of how your owners draw was calculated.

Cash Flow 12 month
Reviewing this report will allow you to see the 1st – End of Month for the month prior. We send the above cash flow report on the 10th of the month, so this will allow you transparency into how the month as a whole looks once it closes.

Cash Flow Property Comparison
This allows you to see comparisons between all of the investment properties that you own. You can track your individual property performance or your entire portfolio.

Occupancy Summary
You are able to see the average rent, percent of occupancy, which properties are nearing vacancy or nearing occupancy

Rent Roll
Here are you able to see occupancy status, current rent price, lease terms, move in dates and move out dates.

Unit Vacancy Detail
This allows clarity into when a unit will be preparing for a turn, and when you will be receiving rental income again, how long it’s been on the market, and if it is rent ready.

Delinquency As Of
This shows our active delinquencies for the same period as the Cash Flow report. You are able to see the status of each delinquent tenant as well as the delinquencies that are under and over 30 days old.

Work Order
The work order report shows a lot of information about maintenance activity that has taken place. You can see the priority level, description of the maintenance, status, how long it’s been pending and if it is a recurring work order. In this report, you can also see Property Reviews if there were any during the month.

Rental Market Update
This provides you with insights to the rental market in Portland and in the US to help you better prepare for the future of your investment portfolio

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