Remove Listings WP

Remove Listings WP

1.       Confirm that the deposit has been paid

a.       Go to tenant profile for applicants

b.       Scroll down to Financials section

c.       Deposit payment will be shown here

d.       If deposit has been paid proceed to step two.

e.       If deposit has not been paid, confirm with portfolio

2.       Go to property profile page in Appfolio

a.       On right hand side under Marketing

b.       Click on Unpost from Website

3.       Locate property on Showmojo dashboard

a.       Click Take off Market Link

b.       A pop up window will appear alerting you that This listing is imported from another system

c.       Click on Take Listing Off Market in Showmojo button

d.       A pop up window will appear prompting you to send an automatic email cancelling showings.

e.       Send that email.

4.       Go to Help Scout

a.       Create a new message to the owner using the Approved Applicants to Owner saved reply

b.       Enter the move in date

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