Agent Assisted Showings: Essentials to a Successful Showing

Agent Assisted Showings Working Procedure: Essentials to a Successful Showing

Description: Agent Assisted showings are unparalleled when it comes to the opportunity to fill a home by walking interested folks from a maybe to a yes. They are also a huge opportunity to result stumble into a costly lawsuit.

Each Morning Check Showing Hero Dashboard for Upcoming Showings

Post to Ring Central Leasing Team Page the location and time of showings. 

Available team members will respond with what showings they can cover. 

If there is a showing that will not be covered notify Leasing Director for direction.

1. Legal Cautions: How to conduct showings without fear of bringing the entire company down.

a.       We accept 3rd party Assistance and work with those organizations regularly

b.       Fair Housing Protected Classes:

                                                    i.     race/color/national origin

                                                   ii.     religion

                                                  iii.     gender

1.       Do not assume prospects gender

2.       Avoid terms like sir, maam, dude, guys, man, etc.

                                                  iv.     disability status

1.       Reasonable accommodations can be submitted along with applications as supplemental evidence

2.       Service Animals are considered a reasonable accommodation request and applicants will need to fill out a Service Animal Pet Profile when applying

                                                   v.     familial status

1.       Avoid terms like family, roommate, or other relationship signifiers.

                                                  vi.     source of income: We can screen for proof of income received by prospects. Not employment status.

c.       Do not ask screening questions such as:

                                                    i.     What is your credit score?

                                                   ii.     Are you employed?

                                                  iii.     Direct them to our Rental Criteria on our site

d.       Steering:

                                                    i.     the practice of influencing, guiding, or directing renters toward or away from particular neighborhoods, areas, or communities based on their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, disability or other characteristics that are protected under fair housing laws. Do. Not. Do. This. Do not recommend other properties. Bring up the web page and show them whats available. The decision of where to live is the prospects alone.

e.       Do not assume prospect gender

                                                    i.     Avoid terms like sir, maam, Mr., Mrs., Ms., dude, guys, man, etc.

                                                   ii.     Alternatives: They, Them, Folks, Yall

                                                  iii.     When you first meet someone, you don't want to ask about their pronouns. This could make them feel like you're asking them to out themselves which they might not want to do.

Instead, introduce yourself with your pronouns: "Hi, I'm Carl, and my pronouns are he/him." By sharing your own pronouns, you're allowing the other person to share theirs, but not forcing them to.

Additionally, avoid saying "preferred" pronouns. Despite the popularity of the term "preferred" implies someone's gender is a preference.

                                                  iv.     Ultimately, using gender-neutral pronouns doesn't require too much effort on your part, but it could make a huge difference in creating a warmer, more inclusive environment for everyone.

2.       Check Showing Hero dashboard and call or text prospect an hour or so before the showing to confirm. (Lots of folks cancel or no show. No worries.)

3.       Business Casual: Jeans, company logo shirt, or other appropriate shirt

4.       Arrive 10-15 mins early

a. Showing Hero LB Code: 57695

b. 1085 LB Code: 1085

5.       Pre-showing Walk Through

a.       Turn on all lights in home

b.       Flyers arranged in a pleasing way?

c.       Unlock any doors that will be used during showing

d.       Spot Check:

                                                    i.     Home presentable for status

1.       Vacant: The tenants just left but home is empty and intact.

2.       Show Ready: Turnover work mostly complete. Home Presentable and Odor Free.

3.       Rent Ready: All work complete and cleaning is finished.

                                                   ii.     Pick 3-4 things about the home that you would like about the home or living in the home to share with prospects.

6.       Showing the Home:

a.       Be Prepared:

                                                    i.     Review the Legal Caution section of this WP

                                                   ii.     Wait outside to greet prospects

                                                  iii.     Have the following in mind and pulled up or easily accessible on phone:

1.       Listing for Unit

2.       Rent Amount

3.       Pet Policy for Unit

4.       Utility Responsibility

5.       Application Process: First Complete First Serve

a.       Open Application Period Date/Time

b.       www.realpmsolutions .com

c.       Search for Rentals Tab

d.       Locate Home and Click Apply

e.       Be sure to read the Screening Criteria! This isnt the iTunes disclaimer. We strongly encourage you to read it.

b.       Be Polite:

                                                    i.     Warm Friendly Greeting

                                                   ii.     Ask something generically interested:

1.       Did you find the place okay?

2.       How are you holding up? Having a hard time remembering which home is which yet?

c.       Be Professional

                                                    i.     Give prospects an overview of how the showing is going to go.

                                                   ii.     Take them through the home like a tour guide.

                                                  iii.     Give them space and time to be alone in the home.

                                                  iv.     Offer to text them a link to the listing page to apply

d.       Be Safe

                                                    i.     Give your Ring Central number.

                                                   ii.     Do not give prospects your personal number

                                                  iii.     You can wait outside of home or units

                                                  iv.     You can Nope out. If you do not feel safe walk away and notify your supervisor.

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