Assigning Roommate Applications Working Procedure

WPD 10/07/2020

Assigning Roommate Applications WP:

Statement of Purpose: The Working Procedure covers the steps to assigning a Roommate or General Application in Appfolio to the proper home.

Steps of WP:

  1. Open Appfolio
  2. Click on “Leasing” in the left hand menu
    1. Select “Applications”
  3. Search or scroll to for “Roommate Application – General Application Submittal
  4. Check for Co-applicants in the “Applicant Summary” section
    1. If the Applications are not grouped together:

                                                    i.     Under “Task Menu” click on “Group Applications”

                                                   ii.     Search for Applicants by last name in pop up menu

                                                  iii.     Select Applicant and click “Add Application” Button

                                                  iv.     Repeat steps as necessary

  1. Check Application for the address of the home they are applying to be a roommate.
    1. If the address is present:

                                                    i.     Got to “Applicant Summary” and click edit

                                                   ii.     Type in home address or name in “Unit” dropdown menu

                                                  iii.     Be sure to check the box for updating all applications

                                                  iv.     Go to tenant page for property and send current tenants the following text:

1.      Hello, we have received an application for an add-on resident for your home. Please confirm this by responding to this text with the name of the applicant.

2.      Send text to each occupant.

  1. If the address is not present:

                                                    i.     Send Applicant text in appfolio requesting the address to the home they want to move into.

1.      Hello NAME, this is YOUR NAME with Real PM Solutions. Thank you for submitting your application. Could you confirm the address of the home you are applying to move into, please?

                                                   ii.     Once applicant responds with the address assign property by following steps for if the address is present.

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