Posting Advertisements Working Procedure

WPD: 22AUG21

Posting Advertisements

Description: The first order of business when posting advertisements is to take photos, gather, and verify information. DO NOT include any features or amenities that have not been verified by you, personally. If a home is listed incorrectly RPMS is liable. For example, if the ad says garbage is included the rent. When in fact garbage is not included in the rent. RPMS will be forced to pay the garbage bill for that home. Money in. Not out. If advertisements are submitted with errors it will result in a verbal warning and/or write up.

  • 1.      Open and log in to Appfolio
  • 2.      In the top right of the page, click on the search field and type the Owner’s last name.
  • 3.      A drop down menu will appear. Click on the appropriate property.
  • 4.      If property is not a multifamily property, skip to step 7.
  • 5.      If multifamily property, scroll down to “Units” section of property page.
  • 6.      Select the appropriate unit.
  • 7.      Scroll down to “Rental Information” Verify all fields are correct:
    • a.      Bedrooms
    • b.      Bathrooms
    • c.      Square Feet
    • d.      Market Rent
      • i.     Enter Rent Amount Here
    • e.      Use Market Rent on Ads? (box checked)
    • f.       Advertising Rent
      • i.     IF THERE ARE REOCCURING FEES: Add all reoccurring Monthly Fees (Property Damage Liability Waiver, Flat Rate Utility Fees, HOA Fees, etc. (This does not include pet rent))
      • ii.     Add Total of fees to Rent Amount and enter this amount into Advertised Rent
      • iii.     If there are no reoccurring fees simply enter rent amount.
    • g.      Security Deposit
    • h.      Last Inspection On (do not change)
    • i.       Utilities Included in Lease
    • j.       Appliances Included in Lease
  • 8.      Scroll down to “Amenities”
    • a.      Select the appropriate for both Cats and Dogs.
    • b.      Using the marketing information from the Advertising Details Checklist, Photos, Unit Info section on property’s Appfolio page, and previous listings, type all of the checked boxes from page 3 and 4 under Amenities.
  • 9.      Scroll Down to “Marketing Information”. Enter in information in the correct fields:
    • a.      Available On
    • b.      Marketing Title
      • i.     Create a motivating Statement that describes the house type, neighborhood or other special element (think walk score or “close to x…”. Example:
        • 1.      “Wonderful Spacious One Level Country Home Located in Beautiful Sherwood”
        • 2.      Do not include bedroom, bathroom count, address or square footage in the title. These are found at the top of the listing
    • c.      Marketing Description – Follow these steps to create an effective marketing description
      • i.     IF The home is located in Portland: At the top of the marketing description include:
        • 1.      Open Application Period Begins on DAY, DATE, AND TIME (72HOURS FROM TIME OF LISTING HOME MINIMUM)
      • ii.     Write a marketing description that brings the property to life but remains factual and accurate. Example:
      • iii.     Lovely Spacious one level home with beautiful country views of the Scholls area and local wildlife. The hardwood entry opens to a nice living room with large windows. The dining area opens to the kitchen and a patio. The kitchen is nicely equipped with all appliances, tons of counter space, pantry, storage and a desk with bookshelf. The family room has a nice propane stove and large windows. The master bedroom features a spacious walk-in closet and a full master bath with shower. There are two additional bedrooms and a full bath nearby. The laundry room has a washer/dryer and a half bath. The large patio opens up to a beautifully landscaped yard. There is an oversized 2 car garage and central air
      • iv.     If the unit is an Accessible Dwelling Unit – As defined by – Unit qualifies as a “Type A Unit” pursuant to the Oregon Structural Building Code and ICC A117.1 copy and paste the statement below:
        • 1.      Use this language in the last line of the description: “Accessible Unit per Oregon Structural Building Code and ICC A117.1”
    • d.      Underneath your Marketing Description, include the following (copy and paste into listing and edit info)

(If there are reoccurring monthly fees include rent breakdown. If no fee, proceed to SHOWING INSTRUCTIONS)
Rent: $1995

ENTER REOCCURING MONTHLY FEES HERE (parking, storage, or utilities are the most common examples)

Rent Total: $2012

(If there are multiple units available at the property include the details here)

Other Available Units Coming Soon:

SHOWING INSTRUCTIONS: To schedule a showing please visit our website or call 503-379-9590 and enter the house #

PET POLICY: The Pet Policy for this home is: No more than # pets and lbs weight limit (CONFIRM PET POLICY IN APPFOLIO PROPERTY INFORMATION SECTION OF HOME/PROPERTY OR IN ADC.pdf IN DOCUMENTS SECTION OF HOME or OWNER Profile). For those applications with pets and/or service animals Pets or animals will not be considered until a profile is received and reviewed by RPMS. To complete a profile please go to . Please complete your Pet/Animal Profile, including required documentation (this included Emotional Support and Companion Animals).  For homes that allow pets, restrictions, and additional deposit may apply. $45 pet rent per month for 1 pet and $70 rent per month for 2 pets.
SMOKING: No Smoking Allowed in the Property

LEASE LENGTH: 11 month initial lease term

HOW TO APPLY: The applications are found on our website, All adults 18 years of age or older must apply.

OPEN APPLICATION PERIOD: If applications are RECEIVED PRIOR to the Open Application Period, Portland FAIR Ordinance requires RPMS to record the date and time of these completed applications as 8 hours after the start of the Open Application Period as a penalty.

SCREENING CRITERIA: Applications Fee: $49.50 (CHECK ADDRESS TO HOME. IF PDX HOME $49.50. IF OUTSIDE OF PDX $65). Screening criteria may be found on our website. Please go to and scroll down to Screening Criteria Description to learn more.


APPLICATION FEE: Application fees are $49.50 (CHECK ADDRESS TO HOME. IF PDX HOME $49.50. IF OUTSIDE OF PDX $65) and non-refundable once screening has begun



UTILITIES: Tenant Responsible for CONFIRM UTILITY RESPONSIBILITY FOR: Water, Sewer, Electric, Garbage, and Gas



AVOID SCAMS: Only work with verified representatives of Real Property Management Solutions. You can verify this by visiting our About Us page: If you feel that you have found a fraudulent listing for one of our homes please contact us.

  • 10.   Scroll Down to photos. Open file folder with watermarked photos (See Watermarking Photos WP)
  • 11.   Drag photos to the area that says “Drag files here to upload” Order should be:
    • a.      Front facing exterior photo
    • b.      Entryway
    • c.      Living/Family Room
    • d.      Kitchen
    • e.      Den/Dining Room
    • f.       Bedrooms
    • g.      Bathroom
    • h.      Basement/Garage
    • i.       Backyard
  • 12.   Verify Front Facing Exterior photo is the Default photo.
  • 13.   Double check the listing details for accuracy and speeling errors. Does that misspelling bother you? Good. This step prevents that feeling in our owners and prospective tenants.
  • 14.   Notify Director of Leasing that home is ready to advertise.

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