Publishing Video Walk Throughs Working Procedure

Publishing Video Walk Throughs Working Procedure:

Description: This working procedure will cover the steps needed to advertise our vacant homes with video walkthroughs.

Upload Videos to YouTube Account:

  • 1.      Edit video as needed and add background music or remove sound.
  • 2.      Login to YouTube Channel:
  • 3.      Username:
  • 4.      Password: M0rtg@ge
  • 5.      Go to the Dashboard
  • 6.      Click Create Button
  • 7.      Upload video to Youtube
  • a.      Enter Home address as the title

Leasing Specialist:
Login to YouTube Channel:


Password: M0rtg@ge

1. Goto the Dashboard

2. Click on the “Your Videos” button

3. Select the video you want to publish

4. In a separate tab open the Appfolio Property Page for the home

5. Copy the Marketing Title and Paste in the Video Title

6. Copy the Marketing Description and Paste in the Video Description

7. In the Appfolio tab, download the Exterior Photo that appears 1st in the listing

8. In the YouTube tab, upload the Exterior Photo as the Thumbnail

9. Audience: Select “Not for kids”

10. Click “Next” in the bottom right corner of YouTube tab until you reach Visibility section

11. Select “Public” for visibility

12. YouTube will redirect you back to the Videos page

13. Hover Cursor over Marketing Title of video and click on “Options” icon

14. Click on “Sharable Link”

15. Return to Appfolio Tab and click “Edit” in “Marketing Information”

16. Scroll down to “YouTube Video URL” section and paste the sharable link.

17. Click “Save”

18. Wait 5-10 minutes and refresh the listing in Showmojo using “Listing Import

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