Submitting Applications to Be Screened Working Procedure

29 OCT 2021

Application Working Procedure
Description: This WP will guide you through the steps required to send an application to screening. Check your properties for new apps every morning in Appfolio.
1.Open Appfolio
2.Click on “Leasing” in the left hand menu
a.Select “Applications”
3.Search or scroll to the appropriate home and application
4.Confirm that the application is Complete:
a.Check that number of Applicants does not exceed Occupancy Policy
i.Total of two persons per bedroom plus one more person (e.g., a 3 bedroom unit would have an Occupancy Policy of 7 persons).
b.Scroll to Attachments section
c.Proof of ID: Required
i.Evidence of a Social Security Number
ii.Valid Permanent Resident Alien Registration Receipt Card
iii.Immigration Visa
iv.Individual Tax Payer Identification Number (ITIN)
v.Non-Immigrant Visa
vi.Any Government-issued identification regardless of expiration date; or any non government identification or combination of identifications that would permit a reasonable verification of identity.
d.Proof of Income: Required
i.2 months’ most recent Pay Stubs/ Proof of Income
ii.2 years’ most recent Income Tax Returns
iii.2 months’ bank statements showing income deposits and that you are the owner of the account
iv.If using 3rd party rental payment assistance program: all necessary vouchers, applications, and forms.
v.Screenshots that do not include name of applicant, deposit amounts, and/or dates of deposits are not acceptable forms of Proof of Income.
e.Supplemental Evidence: As needed
f.3rd Party Assistance Docs: As applicable 
i.Voucher or Award letter from 3rd party assistance organization
ii.Dollar Amount of Assistance
iii.Zip Codes list you are eligible to rent in
iv.Inspection paperwork
v.Documents of any restrictions to 3rd party assistance such as Utility limits
vi.Applicants are solely responsible for gathering these documents from the 3rd party organization and submitting them to Real PM Solutions.
g.Pet Profile has been created: Required
i.Service animal profile reviews must be submitted (approval is required before Applicants are approved)
ii.No Pet Profiles are required before lease is signed
If Application is incomplete notify applicant(s):
1.Go to the email for the applicant (just below the phone number) and click on the “email” action button to the right 
2.In the email subject line, type “Application Update from Real PM Solutions”
3.In the body of the email copy the appropriate saved reply from HS
a.Application Incomplete (Proof of Income)
b.Application Incomplete (Generic)
c.Third Party Assistance Applicant
4. Review email to be sure correct info is included. Hit send
5.Confirm that Completed Application is next in line to be considered:
a.Submitted after Open Application Period Began
i.If Completed Application was submitted before the Open Application Period:
1.Calculate 8 hours after Open Application Period opened
2.Create Note for Application: Application received prior to open application period. Marked as completed and received 05July20 at 11pm (Date and time should be 8 hours after Open Application Period began)
b.Submitted and/or Completed before the rest of completed applications
6.Once you have confirmed that Application is next to be considered and you are satisfied the necessary documentation has been uploaded into the application; Create an Application Checklist Card on the Application Processing Board and assign it to the Current Applications List
7.Got to Application Processing Board
8.Create a Card from the Applicant Checklist Template
9.Enter the Full Name of Applicant(s): Create one card for grouped applicants
10.Copy Appfolio Title for property and paste it next to the Applicant’s Names
a.Example: Nicholas M. Day - Parke Plaza - K - #204
b. Roommate App Example: ROOMMATE APP - Nicholas M. Day - Parke Plaza - K - #204
11.Assign card to Current Applications List
12.Open Card
13.Fill in Following in the Description
a.Names of Applicants
b.Property Street Address
d.Rent Price
e.Applying with other Applicants: Yes or No
f.Applying with Pets: Yes or No
g.IF applying with 3rd party assistance:
i.Scroll to Custom Field section of card
ii.Check 3rd party Assistance box
h. Select pink "Begin Processing" label for card
Notify Applicants
1.In a new Tab, Begin a new conversation in Help Scout
2.Include email address for all applicants in group
3.Use the “Application Screening Has Begun” saved reply
4.Attach the HS Convo to the Applicant Card in Trello
5.Check the 1st 3 boxes of the Applicant Card checklist.
Congratulations. You’ve submitted an application for processing. 

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