Real Property Management Solutions has an Emergency Maintenance Hotline (503) 224-3002 that can be reached 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. All EMERGENCY maintenance should be called into the Hotline.  Non-emergency work may be requested through your resident portal. E-mails, text messages, voice mails, or notes are not as effective as phone calls unless the law requires otherwise. Phone calls go directly into our maintenance queue for prioritization, approval, and proper scheduling. If the requested maintenance is deemed to be an emergency, we will be paged.  

Emergency issues that would be addressed outside of normal business hours and are excluded from written notification include the following: 

 Life Threatening or Illegal Activity (call 911 before reporting to Agent)
 Electrical Sparks/smoke or Fire (call 911 before reporting to Agent)
 Fallen trees causing injury or damage that prohibits occupation of Premises (call 911 before reporting to Agent)
 Downed power lines on property (call 911 before reporting to Agent)  Natural Gas leak (Move outside of property before reporting to Agent)
 Flooding, sewer backup, or burst pipe (Be prepared to follow instructions to turn off main water valve)
 No water and/or No electricity
 No heat – if exterior temperature is below 50 degrees
 If property has an A/C unit installed: No air conditioning if temperature is above 90 degrees
 Non-working toilet when there is only one toilet on Premises; Running toilet or continuous water leak
 Broken or damaged locks, doors, or windows on main level of Premises that allow unapproved access   

If the maintenance request is not an emergency, Real Property Management Solutions coordinates approval and funding with the Owner to ensure that the problem is addressed properly.  

Real Property Management Solutions often uses contractors who are insured and licensed (when required) to perform maintenance services. All contractors are regularly monitored to ensure that quality and timeliness standards are met or exceeded. If the maintenance item is found to be due to a resident’s negligence or willful act, the resident(s) will be invoiced for the repair, replacement, or damage.  


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