Generating a RentoMeter Report

This procedure will be used to generate an Average Rent Report. The information you will need for the property is:

  • Street Address and Zip Code
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Property type
  • Any (use for a wide sample set of both apartments and single family homes)
  • Apt/Condo (use for any multi-family above a duplex
  • House/Duplex

This information can be found on the PROPERTY INFOMRATION SHEET, or searching for the address on

  1. Go to Click ‘log in’ located in the upper left hand corner of the page. Log in information is:
    1. Username –
    2. Password – RPMS85
  2. For a specific address search, choose Address Search in the middle left of the page and follow these steps
    1. Enter the entire address of the subject property
    2. If you know the current rent price or want to compare against a specific rent price, enter the rent amount in the ‘rent’ section
    3. Enter the number of bedrooms 
    4. Enter the max age of the report data. Setting defaults to 12 months
    5. Enter the search radius.  Start with the “Auto” option
      1. A good data set results in 25+ comparable properties
      2. Expand search radius if needed.
    6. Enter building type
    7. Choose “Real Property Management Solutions under ‘report branding
    8. Click ‘analyze address’

Your report has now been generated and you are ready to send, print or download the report

To Save the report:

  1. Click ‘print report’
  2. This will bring up the printer command window
  3. Change the printer type to Save as PDF
  4. At the top of the printer command window, click ‘save’

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