How to Complete the Rent Ready Inspection Checklist

Rent Ready Preparation Instructions

As you make Rent-Ready preparations, REMEMBER that tenants are responsible financially to maintain the INITIAL move-in condition of the property, less normal wear and tear, when they vacate. The more you prepare the home and set the standard of quality before move-in, the more likely the tenant will better care for the property. This is key in saving you a great deal of time and money.  Moreover, when a tenant moves into a home that has not been properly prepared, the tenant may demand to be let out of the lease or worse yet, may demand some sort of consideration for the trouble caused, all of which will cost you time and money.

Step 1: Prepare and gather materials

  • Smoke Alarms for each bedroom, floor and outside of bedrooms, a carbon monoxide detector and at least one fire extinguisher
  • Furnace filter, light switch and outlet covers, interior and exterior light bulbs, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Tools to remove nails, screws and picture hangers
  • Patching material, touch up paint, etc

Step 2:  Begin Rent Ready Preparation using the Rent Ready Inspection as a guide and documentation

  • Go to the email inbox that matches the email on the Client Management Agreement
  • Look for an email from with the subject line that begins with “Request Inspection for (your property address)”….
  • Open the email and find the QR code near the bottom. Click on the QR code to bring up a complete code that is ready to be scanned.  Consider printing the code or having it available on another device
  • Going back to the body of the email, click on the orange action button that says “Start” and download the Snap Inspect 3 app on your mobile device appropriate for your operating system (IOS or Android) by tapping the download action button
  • At the sign on screen, look at the bottom of the page and tap on “Scan QR Code”
  • Scan the QR by placing the code in the center of the screen of your mobile device.  You will see “Download Completed”, read the instructions and tap “OK”
  • Tap “Schedule” by locating the calendar icon, bottom right. Tap once and then tap “Allow” when prompted
  • Tap on the address of your property once to bring up the menu. Tap “View Inspection” and read the instructions. Tap “OK”
  • Starting at “Before You Begin”, tap each area once, read the instructions, complete each item and tap “Done” upper right
  • Once you complete each item within each area, tap “Signature” and sign the inspection checklist

Step 3: Complete the Rent Ready Preparation

  • Now that your home is rent ready and you have signed the Rent Ready Inspection checklist, it is critical you take the final few steps to ensure we are informed and the next steps in the process can be taken
  • To complete the inspection checklist, tap Complete in the upper right to bring up the upload menu
  • If you are not ready to send the inspection checklist to Real Property Management Solutions, tap “Upload Later” and follow the instructions
  • If you are ready to send the inspections checklist to Real Property Management Solutions, tap “Upload Now” once and then tap “OK”

An email will be sent to Real Property Management Solutions letting us know that your home is ready to be occupied on the date indicated in the agreement.

We appreciate your hard work and here's to a successful rental experience!

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