Pet Policy Explained

Are Separate Pet Deposits a Good Idea?

Even where allowed, separate pet deposits can be a bad idea for landlords because they limit how the security deposit may be used. For example, if a tenant’s dog is well-behaved, but the tenant trashes the apartment, the landlord can’t use the pet portion of the deposit to clean up after the tenant. A landlord who wants to protect rental property from damage done by a dog, cat, or other pet is often better off charging a higher rent (if not prohibited by rent control or regulation).

Another option is to charge a higher security deposit to start with. Charging a higher deposit will not be a problem for landlords in states, such as Oregon, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio, that set no statutory limit on the amount of the deposit, while it would be a problem in states that set a low limit (such as one month’s rent) and don’t allow a separate pet deposit.


Can Landlord’s Claim Pet Damage as Part of the Total Security Deposit When a Pet Deposit is Collected?

The landlord may claim all or part of the security deposit only if the landlord required the security deposit for any or all of the purposes specified in subsection (7) of this section.

(7)(a) The landlord may claim from the security deposit only the amount reasonably necessary:

(A) To remedy the tenant’s defaults in the performance of the rental agreement including, but not limited to, unpaid rent; and

(B) To repair damages to the premises caused by the tenant, not including ordinary wear and tear.


Does Real Property Management Solutions charge a pet rent and if so, who keeps it?

All pets must pass a strict screening process and a pet application must be submitted and approved by Real Property Management Solutions. Pets are subject to pet screening and application. The tenant will be charged a pet rent for each pet that will be retained by Real Property Management Solutions.  This small pet rent offsets the cost of pet screening and ongoing additional labor associated with the management of a pet friendly unit.

What is the Standard Pet Policy for Real Property Management Solutions?

We recommend a strict pet friendly policy.  This policy becomes the language for the Pet Addendum that the tenant(s) sign as part of the lease agreement.  We recommend the following pet policy

  • No more than two pets
  • No pets over 25lbs or 45lbs, depending on unit size
  • No restricted dog breeds (Pit Bull, Doberman, Chows, etc)
  • No Outside cats and cats must be spayed or neutered
  • No aquariums, birds, rabbits, gerbils or rodents of any kind
  • Pets must be 1 year old or older
  • Pets must be owned for a minimum of 1 year

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