Should I Allow Pets in My Rental Property

Should I Allow Pets in My Rental Property?

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A large percentage of renters have pets and making the decision to allow pets in your rental property or not, is an important one.  In order to understand the scope of your decision regarding audience base, consider this: According to a 2017-2018 Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) survey, 68% of American households included at least one pet (- see Locally, there was a survey done recently that showed that over 65% of residents in Oregon own at least one dog, and over 40% own at least one cat.  All one need do is look around to see the pet friendly culture we have in the great Pacific NW to know most everyone seems to own a pet.

If you choose to have a “No Pet Policy,” you maybe limiting your rental audience by at least 68% which may have an effect on the amount of time it will take to rent your property. There are no wrong answers, only preference and strategy.The upside of allowing pets is that you open your rental to a larger pool of potential residents. The downside is that pets inevitably increase rental wear and tear.

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Real Property Management Solutions has a standard pet policy that limits size, type, and number of pets:

  • No more than two (2) pets
  • Choose pets under 25 lbs or under 45lbs, depending on the property in questions
  • Both pets must be over one (1) year old and/or owned for 1 year
  • No fish, aquariums, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, chickens

Before we advertise your vacant unit, we will have you confirm in writing whether or not you would consider allowing residents with pets, and under what conditions or policies you would like.

The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in rental housing accommodations against those who use service animals. Renters with service animals must be allowed full and equal access to all housing facilities, and are not included in the No Pet provision. A pet fee cannot be charged for a service animal, although if a service animal causes any damage to the property, the resident can be billed to pay for these damages. Real Property Management Solutions requires applicants provide proper medical documentation that qualifies the animal as a service animal before approving any applicants applying with animals under this title. 

At the end of the day, the decision is yours, but it is important to weigh the many factors at play in this type of policy.

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